A great responsability
In addition to simply informing about its resources and the resuslts of its work, a centre open to the public that guards wild animals must perform an important educational task for both visitors and residents of its immediate environment. Those in charge of natural parks must not forget the important training work that these centres do for society, and this is why the Ecological Reserve of Ojén has designed its educational program taking into account all sectors of the population


> Education
In addition of informing about its facilities and species through educational posters, the educational function of the Ecological Reserve of Ojén is developed through a comprehensive educational program that adapts the knowledge and experiences that each specific audience can learn during their visit : primary education, secondary education, university, elderly people….

> Awareness raising
The educational task must not consist solely of acquiring knowledge, because the transmission of values and principles is even more important. Our first rule is to maintain a spirit of conservation and responsible use of natural ressources, and we pass it on to visitors of all ages.