With your school’s visit, you contribute to the protection of nature:

Not only you contribute to protecting this natural space but also to bringing it back to the human being and especially to the smallest with a fun and entertaining way while they are. To do this, we are currently working on the development of a program of education to the environment with the help of facilities (interpretive panels, amphibian pond, classroom in the middle of nature, animal observatories…) to be able to continue the proposed objectives.

In the future, we will set up activity packages that will include workshops such as “Wood, a school“, where children can receive classes in the heart of nature ; “An art in culture“, in which children will learn to use elements of the environment to create work of art ; “The Little Explorers“ in which children will be guided through the Reserve by learning about plants, animals, traditionnal uses, as if they were explorers and more.

If you are a parent or a teachers and you are interested in these activities, please do not hesitate to contact us and obtain more informations

Groups of minors

Mín. 10 kids
  • One free adult organizing place
  • Preliminary visit for the organizer
  • Parking spot for the organizer
  • Free admission for the bus driver
  • Itinerary explained by a Nature Guide