Take the best pictures of Nature and contribute to its protection:

Your visit to the Eco Reserva is very important. Thanks to you, we can continue to protect this natural space. Coming to the Reserve as a simple photographer is not only a guarantee of pleasure and beautiful photos but also the proof that you are fully contributing to the protection of the environment. The only burst than an animal must receive is that of the camera. We welcome professional photographers who love nature in its purest form and enjoy it. For three years of inactivity, the Reserve was in an almost wild state. It offers enormous potential, both for naturalist photographers who wish to observe animals as well as plants and for landscape photographers. Consult our prices

It is a mountainous area that offers the following things:

  • Freedom of movement: There is a network of trails with natural heights where you can position yourself to hope to get the best picture and many magical places where the best catch awaits you.
  • Guarantee of success: The ungulates group stands out with 3 species (deer, mouflons and mountain goats) living together in the same place. In addition, some of them have lost their shyness and let themselves be approached very closely ! And all this far from artificial constructions, barriers or made-man problems. An exclusive experience in the middle of the Mediterranean mountain!
  • Diversidad de posibilidades: The Reserve has a large number of climates, different orientations, lights, colours, perspectives…
  • Equipment available: Enjoy a series of hiding places from which to take pictures from a short distance. Moreover, we have an optional transportation service inside the Reserve in an off-road convertible.
  • Others offers: Members of the reserve team are willing to listen to your proposals and suggestions such as the use of infrared barriers, portable hiding spots, flash kits…)

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Ticket + Hides

  • Ticket + access to hides

Annual pass

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By completing this formulary, I declare and accept that :

> This form allows you to register as a photographer member of the Eco Reserva of Ojén. This requires obtaining a booklet and a membership number that will allow access to the Reserve for one year, with the possibility of taking advantage of existing hiding spots

> To formalize the registration, you will have to make the payment in cash during the first visit, or on the bank account UNICAJA: IBAN :ES08 2103 3016 9900 3002 6922 (indicate as Photo + Surname + First Name and send us the payment to info@ecoreservaojen.com).

> Your data will be compiled in a database (not shared with third parties) with the sole purpose of establishing a register of the passes created each season and to inform you by email of the photographic activities carried out in the Ecological Reserve of Ojén.

> Conditions of use of the Eco Reserva of Ojén as a Photographer – Member.